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PayLive Payment during live service!

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Payment during live service, in real time, presential or online!
PayLive is a Universal Time-Monetizing-System.
Use it to get-paid-per-time and pay-per-time for live services and live streaming events. The PayLive-Wallet allows a Seller to get paid-per-time during the selling of live services and live streaming events.
Buyers pay-per-time as they consume.
An online time-monetization service!
This is for people searching for new means and opportunities to make a buck and earn a living, by turning the knowledge, services and events, into wealth.
1) PayLive-One: To get-paid-per-time and pay-per-time for Live one-on-one-Services.
2) PayLive-Streaming: To get-paid-per-time and pay-per-time for live streaming events With PayLive, Sellers, people with knowhow, such as: freelancers, consultants, advisors, coaches, teachers, musicians, doctors, trainers, experts, performers, etc, have a new means to monetize their services and events, at whatever time-period and rate they set, and get paid-per-time "live" as the service is being consumed by buyers.
PayLive is a social-fintech-startup; one could see it as a time-metered PayPal.
It is in fact complementary to PayPal.
The most incredible thing of PayLive, is that the "Buyers" of live services or events have full control of how much they consume, by starting and stopping the flow of timed-payments with the click of a switch, anytime!
The Seller uses the PayLive-Wallet to set the time-period to monetize and its price, starting at one cent (0.01 = penny) per each second/minute/hour or multi).
The Buyers use PayPal to load up their PayLive-Wallets with the estimated amount they would expect to consume.
Credit cards, as well as any other personal sensitive information, are never involved while using the PayLive-Wallet to pay-per-time.
1) Seller creates and sets his rate: Time-Period to monetize (Seg/Min/Hrs/Day...) and the Value to monetize per each Time-Period.
2) Seller's wallet hooks up with the Buyer's wallet...
3) Seller clicks his switch ON to open the live service/event...
4) Buyer's wallet shows the Seller is "live"...
5) Buyer clicks his switch ON to start recurring timed-payments as set by the Seller.
6) Buyer clicks his switch OFF to stop/end paying-per-time.
Buyers control and pay only for the time they use, with the click of a switch.
Sellers are paid their rate immediately, and payments are fully settled as every time unit is used by the Buyer.
The Seller keeps 92.1% of the income and the Buyers just pay-per-time consumed.
We think this is awesome and revolutionary.
This reduces the need of trust between the buying and selling parties (required with existing systems of pre- or post-payment or escrow)!
A new way for ANYONE with a talent, knowhow, service or message to monetize it in real-time and live, streamed to one or to millions through the internet.
A new way for viewers to just pay for the time they actually consume when watching a conference, a streaming concert or sports event.
Patent pend. system and method / Social-Fintech / BETA version / / / PayLive.com PayLive Inc. USA

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