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The Slime is back full of adventure paths and full of traps. Slide your way through a tough and vibrant environment & stretch your way to a goal before your life ends. Do you love games with tons of exciting levels & real fun? Then this game is best for you.

Path of Slime is an addictive game that owns plenty of levels, challenging modes, and so on. Guide the slime to reach the endpoint and unlock the new challenges and surprises. The whole surroundings are full of dangerous obstacles, help slime to reach the endpoint without losing its life.

Simple control: Touch and slide to reach your endpoint.
Challenging and fun levels: You will feel addicted and enjoy the challenging levels.
Traps are more challenging as you reach higher levels
Easy to learn! Too hard to be a pro!

Be careful! This game is addictive. You won't stop after passing the exciting levels. Take a surreal journey through an otherworldly dimension, move in harmony with sound and music & reach the goal by defending the attacks. You have three lives in a game. After losing your whole life, you need to restart the game from starting point. Try to pass over all tricky obstacles in the dangerous path.

The Path Of Slime is a pixel-art game with slime as the main character. Our task is to reach slime at the endpoint without losing life in tricky obstacles.

The game will challenge you to how far you can slide the slime without losing your life. Learn the patterns and come up with the moves and proper timing to pass it! Do not give up, challenge yourself and play the game.

Path Of Slime is designed for smooth & fast performance, with a simple one-finger control design. Challenge your friends to play the game and see who is the best! End your search for an adventurous challenging game here. Download and play the "Path Of Slime".

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Developer: Studio Adriatic

Genre: Action

App version: 2.0.0

App size: 30M

Recent changes: Slimes have different skins now! Complete new challenging missions and unlock all skins!


The graphics are ok, some cards look worse than others, and there's no unified pixel size, take the title screen for example, there's smaller pixels inside of larger pixels, and the pixels in the background are larger than the pixels in the sprites. But other than the graphics, the levels don't have much variety, you're basically passing through the same 4 or so obstacles over and over again, so it might get boring to play after a short time period.

It's an ok game, but gets boring after a few minutes. Even after 20 levels, every level feels the exact same.

Can't play the game, the main menu keeps blinking and the game doesn't respond to any touch.

I saw this on reddit and I need to say, it's actually pretty good! The only things I would try to change are the music (it sometimes feels a bit like random things thrown together, but mostly it's nice) and some of the sprites (some sprites having more pixels (32x32 vs 16x16 for example) than others makes it look a bit off sometimes). A bit more variety would be nice too but I think that this was already in planning. Overall, it's pretty nice!

Fun little game with easy controls. Adding a skip button to the death screen, so you can skip the timer and start a new game faster would be nice. Maybe some unlockable slime skins to get a sense of progression after reaching certain milestones, would be nice.'