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Parrots are extremely social creatures that cannot tolerate loneliness or boredom.
All social creatures must find ways to communicate with each other. Most do so through
subtle body language - barely noticeable to us humans. But parrots are an ancient class of birds that,
independently of other birds and mammals, developed complex calls and sounds that allowed them to
communicate so that they could live safely and harmoniously in their social groups.

When you keep a parrot as a pet, it uses the same thought processes and physical structures that
it would normally use to learn its wild communication calls or songs to copy the things you say and
communicate with you. Much of that communication is no more than letting you know it is there and part of your Flock.
But sometimes it goes considerably beyond the simple imitation of sounds.

Parrots sing when they are happy, just like a human in the shower.
The song is an ever-changing mixture of the bird's favourite sounds, from gurgles and trills to whistles and squawks.
Some parrot species are more musical than others, and many are the bird version of tone-deaf.

Adorable Parrot Sounds will take you straight to a tropical rain forest,
to the wonderful world of these magnificent birds. Beautiful colorful appearance of parrots,
their elegant voices and ability to mimic human sounds are always attractive to both kids and adults,
so these jolly fun tones will bring you a great joy!

Big collection of parrot ringtones for phone and tablet.

All high quality mobile ringtones are available for free!

The Sounds of Resident Killer Whales. Resident killer whales are very vocal.
They echolocate frequently and exchange calls and whistles to maintain contact
with each other while traveling and foraging.

If you're looking for parrot sounds, this app is for you!!


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