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Paper Mayhem

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Paper Mayhem - War FLicK is a 2 player, turn-based game where players employ both skill and strategy to out maneuver each other and destroy the other player's base.

Based on a pen and paper game we used to play as kids, Paper Mayhem - War FLicK brings the same fun action to your mobile device.



- Players choose a Map to do battle on.
- Players decide to play either the GREEN STAR BASE or the BLUE CIRCLE BASE then take turns playing
- The Player that scores 5 hits on the other players base wins!


- Players take turns playing. The Player that controls the GREEN STAR always goes first.
- Your Turn ends if:
- You have failed to hit any enemy ship after launching your own ship.
- One of your ships hits the enemy LAUNCHER.
- One of your ships hits the enemy BASE.
- Ending your turn - You end your turn by tapping on the "TIMER STOP" button at the top center of the screen. Ending your turn automatically starts the other player's Timer.


- At the start of your turn, your timer will start counting down. Each Player is given a total of 5 minutes to achieve victory. You lose, If you run out of time during your turn. So the player must think and act fast during their turn!
- Tapping the TIMER STOP button will stop your time and will automatically start the other player's time.


- The player that successfully cores 5 hits to the opposing player's base 5 wins the match!
- You also win the game, If the opposing player runs out of time during his/her turn.


- There are 6 battleground maps to choose from. Each Map will have its own challenge and strategy to win.

- Upon installation MAP 1 is automatically unlocked. You can unlock the other maps by playing the game and scoring a victory. Each victory awards you with 5 STAR POINTS which you can use to unlock the other maps!


Paper Mayhem - War FLicK was intentionally designed to allow players to invent their own set of rules. The RULES provided here are to be used as a mere example of how the game could be played. Just like the games, we played as children, Paper Mayhem - War FLicK allows us to be creative and playful!

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Developer: Anthony Ayson

Genre: Strategy

App version: 1

App size: 14M

Recent changes: Initial Production Release: Version 1.0


The game is fun, only thing is my turn doesn't end no matter how many times I hit the enemy base contrast to what the instruction said, would be better as well if this had a vs. AI option

Not sure if there's a need for a sensitivity setting.. I can't seem to hit the target. Haha It's a fun game to play. Potentially addictive, hope you'll continue to improve it. Great job.

This is addictive! It would be fun if the update to VS AI will be available... Never the less is and very nostalgic... Cheers and congratulations!