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Pad Looper

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Pad Looper is a loop station that allows you to mix SELF RECORDED surrounding sounds, make patterns of them and play as a musical composition. With the help of the music player Pad Looper, you can feel like a real DJ, in order to start you do not need to pick up sounds from various music libraries, you will use those sounds that you create and record yourself. Just three simple steps to get started: record any sound, add effects, write a loop with your sound. Done! You can continue to add audio tracks, the length of the loop will automatically adjust to the length of the main track, which is marked with a red dot. After 5 minutes you will be able to hear your first hit. This program is not intended to create professional compositions, but it will help you to make a sketch of the track that was born in your head at that moment without much effort.

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Genre: Music & Audio

App version: 1.0

App size: 13M


So... this thing is supposed to be a looper. You know, play recorded sounds continuously when you press the button? Except that's that one thing it doesn't do. You can't have a LOOPER that only plays the sound ONCE then quits. Kind of defeats the purpose.

After looking at reviews, I was hopeful that I might be able to get it to work, but no. The reviews are right. The microphone button does actually nothing. I played guitar hoping that it would be recorded in the channel and then be looped, but it doesn't record anything. I don't know if that's a bug in this version or doesn't support my phone. My android os is 4.4.4

Worst interface i have ever seen. Even with only 5 buttons, they made it difficult and unintuitive. Maybe the devs should look at successful interfaces like Boss RC-505 or EHX 95000 for basic functions, and/or ask themselves who their market is. Beatboxers? Guitarists? Why is the RC 505 so much more complicated, yet I was able to start using it with no instruction? Also possible that this app just didnt work properly on my device. Couldnt really do anything!

The tutorial is useless it doesn't explain how to use the actual app it just numbers the buttons in an order, there is no way to use existing audio from the storage and select a peice from that to loop. Why is there a record button ??? What for? Nobody wants to record anything using this app and loop it! Next time make an ACTUAL tutorial instead of just circling the functions. This app has so many problems.

Aparently making apps is not for everybody. Its way too slow and laggy, im on my tablet to make sure there is enough space but it still laggs so much that it takes less time to write a bad review, uninstall and find another app than it does to get this one to work'