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Ophelia GO

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Ophelia GO APP:
1. GPS follow, surround flight, point flight, draw line flight.
2. Image quality, mirroring, caching, etc.
3. Electronic fence, aircraft status calibration, etc., flight log.
4.SD card HD picture video download

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Developer: Wu Jian

Genre: Entertainment

App version: 1.03.22

App size: 24M


Update app has disable most of flight. When the app is open the strafe left and right will not work. Nor will it turn left or right. When you close it, it returns fill control. Does anyone know if you can go back to a prior version of the app or if there is another app that works with the hs720e drones?

With this app my drone is just a decoration on a shelf. Bought the HS720E for it's video capabilities and this app will not display any photos or videos taken (other than a blank black thumbnail which says share failure if I try to share it). Nor does it show the flight records as well. Apparently, it doesn't play well with certain phones.

What the hell guys. This app makes the drone freak out everytime I use it. Drone destroyed itself after going out of control for like the 10th time. You owe me a $300 drone

`I'm having the same problems, even after turning off BEGINNER's mode and extending all the distances ... 50' no yawl and no turning ... only up/down and forward/backward to about 50 feet all around... some have suggested "spontaneous" resetting occurs to BEGINNER mode, which could be QUITE DANGEROUS ... others have claimed to have set phone to AIRPLANE, which seems quite nonsensical, to turn off the phone's WIFI communication(nonetheless I'll try it) ... All I want is a drone that shoots 4k ... I'll do the rest with the controller(I add a tail to keep track of direction) ... I think Holy Stone, has lied, by omission, by not making the 4K native to the drone, without the app, then giving us a buggy app to boot.`,

Absolute junk! They have no clue how to fix this app. It was good a year or so ago. Each update has got worse and worse to where HS510 drone is uncontrollable. Ophelia Go is getting uninstalled before it destroys or flies my drone off to nowhere! Pathetic!'