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Anti Theft Alarm App- Online Phone Security Alarm
Do you feel someone is going through your smart phone while you are not around? We have the solution to secure your device.
Worried about your android mobile phone safety? Do you feel someone is going through your mobile phone while you are in super store or in crowded areas? Wanted your phone to take care of itself, then download anti theft alarm & phone security app and secure your device from all the dangers.
Dont Touch My Phone-Anti Theft Alarm Security App
Anti-theft alarm & free phone security app makes your device unfeasible to the thief even after he restarts the phone. The sound continues to beep until the right password is entered.
This anti theft phone alarm app has features according to every situation. It generates loud emergency alarm when the phone is plug-out from the charger, when someone try to turn off WiFi or remove the headphones from the phone, or anyone tries to change the location of the smart phone.
Find My Phone Security- Theft Alarm Security App
If anti theft phone alarm or online phone security app exist on your phone, then dont worry no one can steal and touch your mobile phone without your acceptance. Take your mobile phone anywhere in your surrounding like super market, pocket bag and even you can keep mobile phone on a charge, no one can touch or steal your mobile phone.
This is how this Online Anti theft Alarm App Protects Your Smartphone Device:
Anti theft alarm is triggered when:
The charger is disconnected from your phone.
Your phone is picked up from a table or bag.
If someone tries to disconnect hands free from your phone.
If someone tries to move your phone from its current location.
Prevent unjustified access with quick and easy setup
1- Press the Active button to activate the Anti-Theft Alarm.
2- Your phone is now secured
Features of Find My Phone Security App-Anti Theft Alarm 2022
1- Anti Touch Alarm: If you are in the crowded area and your cell phone is in the pocket, bag or someone tries to touch it the theft alarm will be triggered.
2- Charger Remover Alert: Sometimes we have to charge our phone at public place, restaurants or in offices & we have to remain alert so that no one can touch your device or remove the charger while the phone is charging. This phone security app is the best solution for this issue. As someone tries to remove the charger, it will detect and start ringing loudly.
3- Headphones Remover Alert: If someone tries to steal the headphone from your device. Anti theft alarm app will detect it and start ringing loudly.
4- WIFI Detection: When WIFI is connected or disconnected. This security alarm app will detect it easily.
5- Battery Alert: Anti theft alarm will be triggered when the device battery will be fully charged.
6- Password Alert: Phone security alarm will start ringing when you put wrong password on your device.
7- Intruder Alert: When you want to know that who tried to unlock your phone and puts wrong password in your absence, "Intruder alert" helps you. Moreover, the Intruder selfie will be taken and sent to your email.
Anti-theft Alarm is an easy-to-use Don't Touch My Phone app.
PIN Code:
Set your PIN code. Warning alarm can only be stopped with pin code.
Alarm Tones:
Set your Alarm tones from list of tones available.
Reset Pin:
Reset PIN and set your recovery email address so that in case you forget your lock screen password then correct password will be easily send to your email address.
Disclaimer: Note: This Theft alarm & phone security app doesn't claim that it can avoid theft completely. It's the cell phone owner's responsibility to be stay active.
Note: Anti theft alarm stores data in users phone developers has no access to this data, for more suggestions related to this app contact us!! Thank you

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Developer: TMZ Apps Studio