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A clear and zoomable calendar app for everybody!

OneView Calendar is a new innovative calendar app.
You can use it alongside or instead of your standard calendar.
OneView Calendar doesn't have a day view, week view, month view, year view or
an agenda view instead it replaces all of these views
with one single view giving you a perfect overview and total control.

Zooming with your fingers to see anything from decades to minutes.
Scroll quickly by swiping up and down on the screen.
Advanced mathamatics positions your events perfectly so that everthing looks clear whatever period of time you are looking at.
Add events by dragging and dropping directly on the calendar.
Simultaneously show or switch between multiple calendars, private or shared. Makes it a perfect calendar for couples and families.
A web version exists enabling you to quickly access your calendar from any device.

OneView Calendar shows you your meetings and events on, what we call, a proportional timeline.
A timeline is the clearest and most natural way of showing events in time. We've seen it in ancient history books as well as on Facebook and it's a great way to get a good overview. Most calendars use month views, week views and day views, which show time as a grids and pages and not as a timeline. The agenda view, on the other hand, is a timeline. All of the days and their events line up one after the other. The agenda view may be a timeline, but it isn't proportional since some days might be missing and some days might be much bigger than others. OneView calendar is a proportional timeline in the sense that every day is there and every day is the same size and a week seven times bigger than a day and so on. This is important because it helps you get a proper feel for the things you have planned ahead and how much space there is between each planned event. To make things even better OneView Calendar is an infinetly zoomable and proportional timeline. Enabling you to quickly look at 2 weeks, 3 months, the summer holiday or even years at once.

All of this adds up to give you a superior calendar overview giving you anything from a 10 year calendar view to a 8, 4 or 2 hour calendar view or what ever period of time you like.
This might all sound crazy, but it's so simple and natural that it will make you wonder why all calendars don't work like this. Give it a try.

Web site:

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Developer: Peter Molyneux

Genre: Productivity

App version: 1.1.12

App size: 3.0M

Recent changes: Support for multiple calendars with the same name.
Support for 5 minute meetings.


I used to use this all the time. Loved the layout and how easy it was to sync multiple sources into the app. Lately it refuses to connect to anything, giving me constant connection errors, so I have little choice but to uninstall.

Seems to have been left to die sadly. No updates in three years and it has stopped working on my phone. Everything is grey, no calenders load, and I can't even get into the options. Used to be a great calendar app, but no longer

This is very easy to setup and use. The interface is clear, and the app is a GREAT companion to Google Calendar. LOVE BEING ABLE TO SELECT A DARK THEME.

Very functional as well as having a fun UI I like having the choice of a day, hour, week, or month view simply by pinching. The multiple reminder choices are especially nice!

I love this app. Very nice, clean interface. It's very easy to use, and the color choices are wonderful. This calendar will definitely replace the one I was using. Nice job!"