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Office is where you do your daily work. There are many people who say the office is the second house other than the residence. In retrospect, these words are true, given the amount of time you spend in the office, rather than your own home.

Well because the office space is the second home, it is very important for you to organize your office space to be as comfortable as possible. This is because having a comfortable office space, can make you feel enjoy in doing the work everyday so that the work there will be better. Basically all the company owners want their office to have an attractive look.

The design and layout / layout of the office is the first thing anyone sees when entering an office. The office environment and conducive working atmosphere became the dream of everyone including the completeness and selection of furniture. Office spatial design should be designed in such a way as to be comfortable and functional because it greatly affects the effectiveness of the work of the employees.

Office layout becomes one thing that is also important to be done in order to provide comfort for the workers so that work can be done smoothly without a hitch. This arrangement of office space involves the arrangement of workplace, office equipment and various equipment. In general, office layout can be divided into two, namely open office layout and closed office layout.

Open office space is usually in one office can be filled by many people at once are divided into several divisions without limits / bulkhead that is too obvious. While closed office layout is often between employees one with the other separated by a barrier, can be a border pemket, wall, or the next.




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