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Download this app named NotifySC.

This app is a clever solution for users and developer to work with notifications.

Important: NotifySC is possibly useless without having a app which needs this service. Download this app only if you got instructed to do that by an other app or if you are a developer and are interested.

With NotifySC we created a communication system for notficiations on your android device. The user can easily control the apps which are allowed to receive notifications and a developer have a solution to add in under 5 minutes the function to show notifications in every app.


Privacy is important!
NotifySC is the best way to communicate with the AccessibilityService and NotificationListenerService while your private data remain safe. Any other app which have access to these services can abuse them by reading for example your keyboard entries. NotifySC will only transfer statusbar-notifications, nothing else. Notification-content wont get logged, saved or uploaded by NotifySC!

Control everything
No app can get access hidden. Each app need to send a registration which will popup in the statusbar. If you dont want that you can revoke the registration fast.

Fast and stable
This service will give you a fast and stable way to get notifications display. Even if something crashed, you dont need to reinstall the complete display-app. You just need to reinstall this service. It is fast to setup and easily to handle.


5 minutes and only a small code
If you are developer you know that a lot of code needs a lot of time. With NotifySC you just need 5 minutes to setup everything and to show the first notification on your activity. Isn't that awesome? Read below how it works!

Be fair, use NotifySC
This service will show your app users that you are a fair person. The user can be sure that you dont want to get more than the notification content.

Huge functionality
You can not only read notifications. You also can get information about the notifications. (Only on Android 4.3+)
Also you can get your registration status or the status of NotifySC. (Running, Stopped, Registered., ..)

Developer sheet
You want to use it in your app? Go here: https://github.com/kvnxdev/NotifySC/blob/master/README.md and be ready in 5 minutes!

We don't hide anything. We published the code of this app, so everyone can take a look on it. This we are doing to ensure the privacy. Go here to take a look on it: https://github.com/kvnxdev/NotifySC/

Storage - Allows the app to write to the USB storage.
-> This is to write a file with registered apps. So developer can find out if the own app can read notifications or not.

To support more languages We got some support of the community.
Special thanks goes to:
+Lucas Benninger (English translation help)
+Ergina Syrigou (Greek translation)
+Roberto Darko (Italy translation)
+Lucas Gagneten (Spanish)
+Martin Evans (English translation + Spanish)
+Thomas Le Pew (English translation help)
+Daniel Guta (Romanian translation)
+Łukasz Świątkowski (Polish translation)
+Lucas Gagneten (Spanish tanslation correction)
+Nick Seidel (German translation correction)


-Bugfix: Ram problem + Crash



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