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None: Day 2-Seg 8

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"None: Day 2-Segment 8" is the 19th of a series that combine to form a DAHON Nano Course, entitled, "None."

DAHON Nano Courses are Massive Open Offline App Courses (MOOAC) that run on mobile devices, e.g., Android and iOS, and do not require an internet connection. We build them using our open source tool, UsbongKit.

"None" is taught by a Filipino teacher who shares the beauty and intricacies of Japanese Language and Culture. The lectures are modelled after his experience teaching students at the university. He admits that he is still learning, albeit it's been at least 10 years since he first started formally learning nihongo. You may or may not learn anything from him. Heck, you may learn nothing at all. Nevertheless, our hope for bringing this course out is so that you may catch his enthusiasm and sincerity for this wonderful language and culture, wherever you may be.

None: Day 2-Segment 8

Table of Contents:
1) Preface
2) Main Content (Day 2-Segment 8)
3) 数字(すうじ;suuji); “Numbers”
4) Counting 1~10
5) 柔道juudou
6) Counting 11~20
7) “Rice Paddies and Math Tests” (Malcolm Gladwell’s book, “Outliers”)
8) Counting 30~100
9) The Scientific Method
10) Comprehension Check
11) Assignment

1) Translation (English and Filipino)
2) Voice-over narration (English and Filipino)

Filipino is automatically unlocked for free. This includes the voice-over narration and the translated script. There's not a lot of materials in the Filipino language with both of these, so you can use our products to help you with the pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary, and grammar patterns of Filipino.

English can be unlocked for only 0.99USD (price may vary depending on the country).

If you like this product, and would want to support us financially so that we may continue to build more of these, you can purchase and unlock the English language, and/or download and purchase any of our other products.

Once unlocked, these in-app purchases remain with your account even if you uninstall the app or switch to a different device!

In addition, you'll be helping us spread our enthusiasm for learning languages, especially to those who may not have access to quality education in the Philippines.

The next segment is "None: Day 2-Segment 9".


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