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Say hello to Nod - your baby sleep coach and activity tracker

Made by experts and parents, Nod provides sleep goals and recommendations for babies and children between 3-36 months old. And, from day 1, you can track your baby’s sleeping and feeding activity as well as read age-relevant content.

How Does Nod Work?

After you install Nod, you will be asked to answer some quick questions about your baby’s sleep schedule, habits and environment. By pairing those answers with your daily tracking inputs, Nod’s proprietary platform then analyzes your information to create personalized, day-by-day sleep plans for you and your baby to follow, usually within a week. You can also immediately self-select a sleep goal yourself if you’d like to get started more quickly.

Nod’s parent friendly baby tracker easily records your child’s sleep and feeding activity. By tracking daytime naps, overnight sleep and nursing and/or bottle feeding sessions, Nod can better understand day-to-day patterns and in turn present you with helpful recommendations to improve your baby’s sleep.

Nod’s Features

SLEEP COACHING PROGRAMS - Choose from Nod’s evolving list of sleep training programs/goals. Backed by leading pediatric sleep clinicians and experts, Nod’s programs range from teaching babies to fall asleep independently to swaddle/pacifier weaning to reducing nighttime feedings.

DAILY RECOMMENDATIONS - Receive helpful daily recommendations tailored to your baby’s data to help you to navigate the day to day of changing and improving your baby’s sleep.

BABY TRACKING - Track your baby‘s feeding and sleep activity all in one handy place (we remember what side you last nursed on and when your baby last slept, so you don‘t have to!). Track either in real-time or catch up on missed events with Nod’s retroactive tracker.

INSIGHTS - Nod makes it easy to see and understand the patterns in your baby’s activity. View any of Nod’s 7, 14, and 30 day graphs to discover historical trends and averages for his or her sleep, feeding, and sleep schedule consistency.

WORKS OFFLINE - Heading on vacation? Nod has you covered! Track sleep and nursing events in the app anytime, anywhere, regardless of wifi/cellular connection. Nod will sync these events once you return online (note: the app will only store 14 days max of offline events).

MULTI-USER SYNC - Share your Nod account credentials with family, friends, or caregivers so you can keep everyone up to date with your baby’s schedule and tracking information. Nod allows multiple users to access and use the app at the same time.

RELEVANT CONTENT - Nod’s content library gives you access to hundreds of baby sleep articles written by the world’s top pediatric sleep experts. Age-relevant quick tips, tricks and milestones are also provided.

DESIGNED FOR PARENTS - Nod was thoughtfully designed for tired moms and dads: Nod’s articles offer a day-night view so you don’t torch your eyes if you’re up at 3am.

Have feedback? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us anytime at support@nodtosleep.com.


This version of Nod includes improvements to the insights section - expect to see quicker loading times. This update should also squash the bug where the insights section was not opening for a small portion of users.

If you’re enjoying using Nod, please take a minute to rate & review the app, reviews really do mean the world to us!
As always, please don’t hesitate to send any thoughts, ideas and feedback through to support@nodtosleep.com. We love hearing from you.

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