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It's the most realistic crystal ball ever! As soon as your camera is turned on the crystal ball appears and modifies what you are filming, just like a real crystal ball would.

To top everything this ball has magic powers and the ability to fulfill all of your interrogations.

When you question the crystal ball directly it emits a multicolored light according your voice, and once you have finished asking your question and the silence restored, the ball goes from darkness to light before answering.

The answer can always be read, because the magical spherical shape moves around inside the crystal ball as though it were under the influence of a gravitation pull within. You may move your device as you wish, its gyrometer sensor does the rest.

This answer may be affirmative:
It is certain
Timely yes
Zonder twijfel
Yes it is obvious
Ja absoluut
You may rely on it
It is decidedly so
Outlook good
I guess so

Or negative:
Zeer waarschijnlijk
Stop dreaming
Don't count on it
Zeker niet
My sources say no
Very doubtful
Helemaal niet

But sometimes capricious, this ball can also provides you a noncommittal answer as:
Ik weet niet
Geen idee
Probeer later
Cannot predict now
Better not ask

NB: However note that the answer does not match with the truth but is the result of a pseudo random algorithm called Mersenne Twister .

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