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Run this app named Lehigh Solitaire/DMX Impress or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

Control lights, shades, and more in your Solitaire/DMX Impress system with your Android device over your WiFi network.

SoliMobile requires a Solitaire/DMX Impress system from Lehigh Electric Products Company with the appropriate firmware versions and Communication Interface (S-COM). Contact sales@lehighdim.com for questions.


- Secure, password-protected access to your Solitaire/DMX Impress system.
- Remote control of STM606, DTM606, and DTM612 master stations. Select the station to control, then access all of its programmable virtual buttons, zones, and more, from the App.
- Bekijk en selecteer presets op naam.
- Store presets (admin users only).
- Raise and lower zones, individually or in groups.
- Change zone colors. Select a color or cycle through all colors.
- Raise and lower shades.
- Open and close wall partitions.
- Start and stop auto-sequence.
- Lock and unlock remote stations.
- Ideal for large systems with several stations control them all with a few taps.

To use this App, your Android device must be connected to a WiFi network on the same subnet as your S-COM. Typically, this means that you have connected the Ethernet port on the S-COM to your WiFi Access Point.

To try the App with a simulated Solitaire/DMX Impress system, enter "demo" as the Host and touch Connect.

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