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Explore worldwide famous deserts, forests, mountains, water bodies and more. It is well said, Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. The app has something similar to explore for all the lovers of nature out there. Nature Escape Travel & Explore is an app that gives you knowledge about places with natural beauty around the world. The app gives you details about categories of places with natural beauty under it.

The app provides information about various places with natural beauty, both country wise and city wise. You can sort the places with natural beauty based on popularity and alphabetically. Travel to your favorite destinations with all the required information and pictures in the palm of your hand.

Find out particulars of places with natural beauty like:-

* Significance
* Best time to visit
* How to get the list of places with natural beauty while you are travelling

Features of the App:-

* Description - Get the details of the places with famous Natural Beauties, address and coordinates!
* Search - Perform a quick search in the search box to know the famous Natural Beauties quickly!
* EduBank - Save your favorite Nature Beauty in EduBank!
* Contribute - You can contribute if you want us to add any Nature Beauty and we will update it!
* Nearby or Map feature - It has 3 options- Draw Shape, Select Marker and Reset. You can choose accordingly.

Know the details about all places with natural beauty on finger tips. So what are you waiting for? It’s a small world after all. Visit your favorite places of natural beauty with Nature Escape Travel & Explore App and learn more about your area of interests.

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* Enhanced data & images
* Plan Itinerary in Nearby feature
* Review place and view other's review comments
* Improved on Search for better results



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