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Nations in Combat is a turn-based war strategy game, where you control a nation on its way to world domination.

Controlling your nation

- Recruit units like infantry, vehicles or tanks
- Build industry, cities, bunkers and factories
- Produce ICBMs after you researched them

- Use your nations static amount of industrial points to generate money income, supply your army or complete your production

- Declare a war, make peace, form alliances, send gifts, warnings, trade embargos or offer non-aggression pacts to other AI controlled nations in the world

- Buy and sell resources on the world market

- Unlock and improve certain technologies
- There are technologies for economy, military or special weaponry (ICBMs)

Army Command Menu:
- Let your units spread themselves evenly on your nations borders so you dont have to move every corps manually


The game world is divided into hexagonal provinces.
Playable scenarios: Randomly generated map with adjustable size, Africa, American continent, Asia, Europe, Europe (1936)

Artificial intelligence

There are many different AI-characters and behaviours that get distributed randomly to every nation when you start a new scenario, for example:

- Aim for global domination, globocop or being neutral
- Focus on developing economy or the military
- High or low focus on technology
- Affinity on forming alliances
- Balanced or mixed strategy of the above-mentioned

Will you conquer the world or get annexed by other civilizations?

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Developer: Tom Somogyi

Genre: Strategy

App version: 1.3.3

App size: 23M

Recent changes: - Fix to prevent a certain crash on startup


The game is incredible! The only issue I've found is that there are times when the game freezes for an uncertain amount of time. This can result in having to go back to your last save, which means that unless you save and quit every turn it will get very frustrating. A good fix would be adding a save button that doesn't involve quiting. Really love the game and hope you keep up the good work!

Its essentially a simpler, mobile version of Hearts of Iron 4. Much better than other games like the World conqueror series in the sense that you can choose alliances and declare your own wars and have different types of outcomes tp wars. It may seem complex but you can become very familiar with the game in only like 15 mins. Strongly recommend .

It's great offline fun but there is still a decent amount of gameplay for a lite version. One problem the ai is extremely poor, has no initiative and using it own ai is just as poor. Taking them over yourself is also extremely hard and complicated once you start taking over more and more territory. Great potential though

I like the game its a great RTS but, there are a few problems i have with it 1. Sometimes instead of my unit attacking the enemy unit they will just swap places and the enemy can just continue on until i train some miltia to halt him 2. This isnt a problem but something i would like is airplanes there could be a button in the menu or somewhere else where theres a layer where you could see the planes,airbases etc 3. Make the game faster.

great game although there is one problem i found, when in one of the menu's an ad sometimes pops up and blocks the cross to get out of the menu, this means the game is no longer playable and you need to restart the game. would be 5/5 if this wasn't a problem."