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nail art or art of decorating the nails are not new to the women, especially women of modern living in a big city. Formerly women beautify nails by using nail polish or nail polish mediocre, however, has been the past few years, nail art became a favorite among women.
Nail art to decorate aims to make nails looks more attractive even artful. Witness the nail art in this initial image. Really use various techniques of decorative nails, and it is intended for the arts.
However, for the day-to-day, we do not need to wear nail art scene like the 2 previous image. Nail art is simple you can do yourself at home, capitalize polish or nail polish, nail stickers, special glue nails, artificial nails, nail polish special until that has been shaped.
When you find difficulty in elongating the nail, it does not matter anymore because it's been a lot of false nails that can be formed according to our wants and needs. If you're still afraid to experiment with their own nails, use artificial nails can also be an alternative. We stayed diligent creation of nail polish, stickers customized to decorate nails in order to look beautiful.
Some nail art techniques are popular and can be tried in the image.
The purpose of this activity is to actually fashion and beauty, as we know that the woman is a creature very like air-exploration with his body, now one part of the body that is sometimes overlooked but beautiful when decorated is a nail, for some reason when the nails are small decorated and embellished, confident woman will surely grow.
steps to make nail art
How to paint the nails that look beautiful:
Before starting your nail polish, make sure your nails are clean with smooth edges terkikir.
Choose an appropriate nail art motif with makeup, clothes and accessories that you wear. There are a variety of motives nail art that you can choose, ranging from flowers, fauna, forms and so on. Use a special brush that allows you to paint the motif.
The nails are clean and you have selected the desired motif. Now is the time to paint your nails beautiful. First, seal the first nail so that the nails are protected from the effects of yellow that usually ditimbukan by nail color, then apply polish to the color you want and dry beforehand. After that, then you can paint it any way you want.
You can also decorate with small beads, stickers funny or air brush. But the art of painting nails is mainly because you are required to focus on the work you are putting on the nail.
If you do not feel confident enough to paint your own nails, you can use artificial nails. Do not forget to adjust the size of the artificial nails to the natural nail you.




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