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Mystery Tales: House Of Others

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Play puzzles and brain teasers in one of the best new mystery seek and find hidden object games free! In this one of the top easy search and find object finding games your goal is to find hidden objects needed to become a hero!

Your brother is the host of Ghost Riders a popular ghost hunting TV show, but one night you receive a strange package that forewarns his death! Youll need your special astral glasses to help you view the past and interact with the astral plane, but first youll have to find them! Travel to the haunted mansion of a serial killer and unwrap this unsolved ghost story, before you and your brother become the next chapter of it in this haunting hidden-object puzzle adventure game!

\tSee if you have what it takes to solve a ghostly mystery in the bonus game.
Your friend pilot asks you to solve a lot of find games only hidden objects on an abandoned island that belongs to a ghost! Will you be able to play all the games and solve riddles, puzzles and enigmas? Find out in the Bonus Chapter of this adventure game!

\tFind legendary figurines and unlock their ghoulish background stories.
As you play this one of the best mystery hidden object games, look for the legendary figurines to learn the history behind them! Unlock their all ghoulish background stories when you complete puzzles, scenes and mysterious riddles!

\tCollect hidden tarot cards and find lost butterflies to purchase cursed items!
Collect Tarot cards while you find out hidden objects needed. Dare you learn your future? Gather all the cards and other Bonus materials! Collect butterflies to buy all the cursed items for your collection!

\tFeeling stuck? Get a nudge in the right direction with the strategy guide.
Always know your next move if you get stuck in one of the numerous games. The easily accessible Strategy Guide will hint you on what to do next, which items to find and how to solve them all!

\tEnjoy exclusive concept art, wallpapers, soundtrack, and more
Unlock the full game and enjoy all the bonuses that this Collectors Edition provides: wallpapers, concept arts, re-playable games, soundtrack and unique collections! Download the game Mystery Tales: The House of Others Collectors Edition and youll never get bored while looking for hidden treasures and artifacts, enjoying plot twists and beautiful locations!

This game has a free trial part. You can unlock the full version through an in-app purchase.

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Play new free domini hidden object games adventure. Were waiting for you in hidden treasures!

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Developer: Do Games Limited

Genre: Adventure

App version: 1.0.0

App size: 44M


I love that you can touch items in the home screen.... Like the piano.... Touch it and it plays. Story so good and game play is good. Only problem is in the cemetery when you have to spin the wheel to raise the skeleton, it freezes and will not work, I had to skip it. But that's the only issue. Loved the game... Played it twice.

Main game good but bonus game not. What happened? Was it an afterthought? Playing on android phone. Controls were terrible. Very slow to react to anything. Paint the picture game had a glitch I could not overcome with multiple tries and saintlike patience. Had to skip. Threw me out of a mini game after one move. I was really looking forward to playing and it just skipped it. No option to replay mini games in main menu.

Sorry Domini. Couldn't give 5 stars on this game. NOT your usual graphic quality. Didn't even bother looking for hidden collectibles throughout because graphics were SO dark I couldn't see (any of them!)... So I wasn't having fun just blindly barrage clicking... Otherwise, game was good. Customizable difficulty setting, strategy guide, interactive map, bonus game, etc... MOST of ALL, AFFORDABLE PRICE!!!

I just finished playing the game and I really enjoyed it so in keeping my word I'm giving it 5 stars. It was challenging but not too difficult. I like you can make the game harder if you need more of a challenge. If you are new to these games I suggest playing the casual setting and selecting easy on the mini games. You can always change the difficulty settings if you need more of a challenge.

`Gotta admit, Domini games in the past coupla' years has gone from "Meh, that game was alright" to "Oh yea, they've got a new one out, gotta get it". This one has all the bells & whistles I've come to enjoy. Great attention to detail & love the quirky reactions of the background items when tapped (even though not necessary to advance the game). Keep up the good work & will purchase more like it.`