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This application allows you to measure your data speed experience and sends the results to TRAI. The application captures and sends coverage, data speed and other network information along with device and location of the tests. The app does not send any personal user information. All results are reported anonymously. While this application gives TRAI details of your data experience, sending a report to TRAI does not constitute a complaint. In case of poor experience, users are requested to register a complaint with their network service providers.
Requires Android 4.3 and up

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Developer: Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)

Genre: Communication

App version:

App size: 26M

Recent changes: Better app experience with bug fixes.


Very bad response even from trai..This app does not show the actual speed..it shows high amount of speed which i dont get never..i have jio and it shows the speed 20 mb/s and in real life speed i get 1 or 2 mb/s. Also i have okla speedtest app which shows real range around 2 or 2.3 mb/s ..This app needs major work i think then it can provide the real range .then we can compare, in our area who provides the better network, It needs big improvement ,

Speed test not correct Packet loss not correct. The network speed was below 1MB but the app was showing more than 30MB. The speed was tested by downloading files from different servers and other speed testing applications. And i was having a packet loss between 30% to 40%, but the app shows 0%. The packet loss is tested by sending 100 packets to 4 different major IT players.

Actually your app should be able to tell which ISP signals are available at a given GPS location or at current mobile's location, what are their respective signal strengths, download/upload speeds, ping times, for each of them. This will help us to choose best ISP. Don't provide such dummy speed test apps that are available by tonns in the app market. We can't purchase Sim cards from all ISPs & go on doing speed tests to find best ISP. I think with your authority you can definitely do this.

THIS IS THE WORST SPEED TEST APP I HAVE USED TILL NOW. The results shown are WILDLY INACCURATE. I use a VI (Vodafone Idea) SIM on my android phone. On almost all the occasions, this app shows the network speed as 20 Mbps - 30 Mbps when I am indoors and as below 1 Mbps when I am outdoors even with excellent signal. Other speed test apps I have used (like Speedtest by Ookla and Opensignal) show the results very accurately both indoors and outdoors, whereas TRAI's MySpeed app failed in most trails.

Even though the network provider does not provide 10kbps data speed, this app surprisingly shows above 2 Mbps. What was the logic behind? Who knows? May be the network providers make a deal with this app and showing false network test. So disgusting. Worst.............. I have tricked by this app, by seeing the airtel network speed in my location and after I had changed to Airtel , the network speed is too worst when compared to previous one. Don't install it..... Please don't install it.