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Soothing Dolphin Sounds for Stress Relief Download

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Soothing Dolphin Sounds for Stress Relief

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Run this app named Soothing Dolphin Sounds for Stress Relief or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

The sounds produced by dolphins have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the immune, endocrine, cardiovascular systems, and indeed the whole organism.

Healing sounds of dolphin therapy contribute to getting rid of psycho emotional and somatic disorders in children and adults, treatment of depressive and post-stress conditions.

Listening to the sounds of dolphins is recommended for pregnant women and children.

Relax your mind and body during this calming music with dolphin sounds. Use it for Sleep, Zen meditation, Reiki, Yoga, spa, massage and study in background.

- Alpha Binaural Beats for Study, Meditation, Deep Sleep

Here we presents Relaxing underwater Music for Stress Relief. Healing Dolphins Songs. Background for Meditation, Deep Sleep, Study, Concentration, Brain Power. With charming Voices of Whales and Dolphins With Relaxing Alpha Waves.

Ideal Background for Deep Relaxation, Spa, Massage, Yoga, Meditation. Listen with Headphones and Use This fantastic Opportunity to dive with an element of presence with our new relaxing and Inspirational Magic Music.

Dolphin sounds, sounds of the ocean to help you relax deeply, fall asleep quickly and drift into a restful, restorative slumber. Hope you enjoy this app!

Music to study, work, read and get focused :
The music to study is ideal to be able to focus in depth during the study and get the most out of it. It helps you concentrate, pay more attention, focus and work in a more efficient way. Our music to study contains brain waves, specifically Alpha waves, which increase concentration and the power of the brain to improve the memory and the intelligence.

Music of relaxation and meditation to calm the mind and control anxiety :
This type of music contains elements of a lot of cultures like: Japanese music, Indian music, Tibetan music, Chinese music, Shamanic music. Our music to meditate is also ideal for calm the mind, control anxiety, eliminate stress, stop thinking, etc.

Relaxing music for spas and massages :
Our instrumental music is calm and soft. Its a music that facilitates the complete relaxation of the body after a long day of work and helps the body to get into a total relax state. This music is perfect to be used in Spas and massages, since it contains relaxation relaxing sounds very soft that helps to relax both the body and mind.

Music to sleep deeply and rest with Delta waves :
Perfect to enjoy a profound and pleasurable dream. Our music to sleep is the best music that youll find to calm the mind, relieve stress, diminish insomnia and foment sleep. This type of music is a fusion of Delta waves and soft instrumental music that will help you achieve a profound relaxation and so be able to sleep and rest with ease.

Sorotan ciri: -
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Pilih slot masa untuk mendengar muzik kegemaran anda
Pemilihan antara instrumen dan ubah bila-bila masa
Anda boleh mengawal kelantangan hanya dengan menyeret bar cari kiri dan kanan di skrin.
Melodi santai dengan suara instrumental!
Pilihan untuk menetapkan selang masa yang berbeza!
Reka bentuk grafik yang indah dan kawalan intuitif!
Sesuai untuk semua generasi pengguna!
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Matikan muzik secara automatik apabila pemasa tamat
Suasana yang sempurna untuk melakukan kesedaran, kabbalah, reiki, taich, yoga.
Suara menenangkan untuk tidur dengan kualiti mp3
Imej HD yang indah untuk menemani bunyi persekitaran dan mencipta detik-detik yang sempurna
Main muzik latar

Suara kami untuk tidur bebas tidak akan membiarkan anda acuh tak acuh. Bunyi persekitaran hilang dan meningkatkan kesihatan anda semasa anda menikmati muzik untuk meditasi dan tidur yang telah kami sediakan untuk anda.

The purpose of this app is to relax the mind and body, and this app is ideal for babies, children, teenagers and adults that need relaxing music to reconcile the sleep.

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Pembangun: RelaxingSmoothingMusic

Genre: Muzik & Audio

Versi aplikasi: 1.1

Saiz apl: 13M

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It was good but it only lasted for 30 minutes then shut off could not get in & change the time wanted it longer