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Developer: Stray Pixel Games Inc

Genre: Arked

Versi aplikasi: 2.28.12

Saiz apl: 24M

Recent changes: Temporary removal of limits on new games and new objects.


This game is very fun!!! I love the humor in it, and it's very easy to use. Requires zilch knowledge of programming! The reason I only give 4 stars is although when you play the games you make it doesn't lag, it lags a lot when you make it. Also, it takes a good minute or two to load. I love the game but it takes patience to load. Other than that this game is perfect in every way. Oops, gotta go! Time to make another game!!! :-)

It is really good for a free game engine and best of all it's coding free! I really enjoy it but here are some recommendations for an update:Add a melee player in platformer,128 bits and more options,new enemys,new boss mechanics, and possibly a way to make it 2 player.

Yes, This game is great. I encountered only 1 glitch or its just me doing something wrong, In the platformer game, if you make 3 levels the gravity becomes broken. Please fix this or Tell me what I did wrong. (sorry that my wording is probably horrible.)

This is an exceptional game making program. I have zero complaints. It's free, it's fun, and You can actually create/draw and animate each of your own game characters. It's unique. Brings me back to highschool computer science; Game making for beginners. Definitely worth the 5 stars.

This engine is cool i like this. What better would be if you add more components like moving blocks, water and cutscene maker. And also try to remove the lag because I am trying to make like 50 levels in a game but when i created like 6 levels the game started lagging so much. Im also having another problem, in my 2d game when i try to make a different mode level like endless runner mode it actually works but when I try to make the main runner, the game kicks me out and returns to level editor.'