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[Notice from the owner of this apple orchard to you]

Welcome to this apple orchard, named "TonTon's Apple Orchard". From now on, you are a newly hired employee to work on harvesting in this orchard. Though I believe this farm's produce is the best on the earth and suitable for cooking pies, this farm is chronically plagued with being understaffed. This farm always needs help. We are very happy with your coming and appreciate your willingness and dedication.

Your assignment here is relatively straightforward but needs some concentration and reflexes. The task is to catch as many mouth-watering apples as possible into a basket you have while reducing wastes. You are able to move the basket horizontally alone, not vertically. Total score shows the number of captured apples in total during a harvest session. One harvest session comprises a group of levels. The higher level you reach, the more you need to catch apples.
At the end of each level, we show you good and bad results using bouncing apples with/without scars along with other information you attained.

In every level, your task sets two figures:
1) the number of apples that must be captured to move on to the next( 0/10 means you must catch 10)
2) the number of apples allowed to waste(drop) at the current level( 0/5 indicates up to 5 failures acceptable)
These figures are always shown above a tree in the sky while you are working.

Since matured apples may spontaneously begin dropping in unison from a tree, you may be overwhelmed by "apple onslaught". As a rule, this orchard accepts only a small number of losses of our precious apples during harvests because even experienced harvesters cannot handle such occasions. However, do not surpass the permitted number explained above. When you exceeded the allowed failure number, your effort ends immediately and the amassed score is registered as your final achievement in the session.

In addition, we have prepared three difficulty options in this workplace depending on your skills and expertise: for beginners, for normal workers and for experts. You can choose any one of them at the start of a new harvest session in light of your willingness and experience. Normal is set by default.

Lastly I'll give you a caveat on rotten dark apples. At times you may encounter falling rotten dark apples from a tree when you are reaping. In that occasion, do not touch and keep away from them. The rotten apples forcibly stop the ongoing session and ruin your achievement instantly if you touched.

Anyway, give it a try and have a fun job !

TonTon, CEO and the owner of "TonTon's Apple Orchard"

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