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In the year 2017 a military aircraft with a crew of 4 crashes down on a distant forest.
One of the crew members had died in crash and the others 3 head out to explore the forest.
They soon learn that the forest is not safe. They then find the forest is inhabited by zombie gorillas.
One of the men is shot and killed and taken to the gorillas' city.
2 soldier coronel Smith and captain Jhon, are survivor.
And they want to save their friend.
Fallen weapons were scattered around during the plane crash.
They have to fight against the gorillas, collecting the weapons from the boxes.
They need help, can you help them ?

Do it quick and destroy zombie gorillas, you have to save your friend.

You must win this war.

It's a new 2017 free platform game and it has 8 different levels.

Suitable for adult players. The game contains violent items as a drawing.

- Extra Features:

You can share your score with your friends by leaderborad.
You can win a title with achivements.

- How to play short description:

To destroy gorillas, you need to be in same position.
To get new guns just break the boxes.

- How to play ?

The weapons you can use are hand bombs, rocket launchers, fully automatic rifles and first aid box.
You can get these weapons by exploding the boxes when you see on the way.
The zombie gorillas will have different power levels according to their colors.
If the zombies are too close to you, your level of life power in the upper center of the screen will decrease.
If you can not get rid of the zombie attack or destroy them, the game will end.
Each section has a different level of difficulty.
The first 4 chapters are easy, the 5th and 6th chapters are medium, the 7th and 8th chapters are classified difficult.
You must use bottom left side of your touch screen for movement.
You must use bottom right side of your touch screen for fire.

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