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Mostar offers solutions optimized for female mosquitoes.
- The frequency of vibration of mosquito nets such as dragonflies and bats and the low frequency of male mosquitoes
- Frequency generation according to mosquito characteristics by region and country
- NM LED, Amber LED(600~650nm), Infrared LED(800~900nm) light up according to the characteristics of mosquitoes in each region and country

1. The use of a frequency called Hz

* Ultrasonic waves(high frequency) 12KHz~70KHz

Research into the area of ultrasound to fight mosquitoes is said to have been active in the United States since the last 75 years.
Currently, most of the pest control products on the market use an ultrasound of 25,000 to 60,000 Hz.
In addition, 12,000 to 17,000 Hz and 19,000 to 75,000 Hz are also areas that pests dislike.

Harmful insects that try to escape from bats go through the evolution process and avoid the ultrasound band that bats produce.
Some claim that bats have evolved to avoid the ultrasound of 20,000 to 130,000 Hz.

* Low frequency

The frequencies that insects try to avoid are low frequencies besides ultrasonic waves, and male mosquitoes are common in Korea.
Approximately 300 to 500 Hz.

Encephalitis mosquitoes or red domestic mosquitoes produce sound waves of 250 to 400 Hz, malarial mosquitoes 300 to 600 Hz,
and forest mosquitoes of hills and beaches 300 to 500 Hz.

So it's not possible to determine the frequency of male mosquitoes that the real female mosquitoes avoid at high frequencies.

2. Use the wavelength of light that insects hate

* LED wavelength in red

Harmful insects dislike red lights like the sun of a day and blue light like the light of night or dawn.
To keep mosquitoes away from the red light, LEDs are used to emit infrared light.

Infrared rays are invisible to humans, so they look a little bit red, but the infrared light is more powerful than we thought.

This product is IoT product, it can communicate with the smartphone through Bluetooth and perform location tracking and terminal control.
This product is an IoT product that optimizes the frequency of mosquito control by country and region in smartphone.

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Developer: AnKook Ryou

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