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few travelers dare to travel to moscow in the winter, but while sub-zero temperatures and a covering of snow mean that you’ll have to pack smartly and bundle up well, a visit to russia’s capital city during the months of december, january, or february will offer unique cultural experiences and the opportunity to see russia as it’s often portrayed: a bitterly cold, exotic land of fur hats, onion domes capped in frost, and hearty foods and beverages developed to stave off freezing temperatures. yes, moscow’s winter weather is cold. pretty snow wallpaper. this cold is usually accompanied by ice and snow that may be generously dropped on the city by winter storms, which may also cause flights to be delayed or cancelled. pretty snow wallpaper. because mid-season warm spells don’t occur as often as they do in other parts of europe or the states, ice, in the form of long, dangerous icicles grows thick and heavy on roof overhangs. a few deaths from falling icicles happen every year in russia, so it’s important to be aware of how severe the winter weather actually is.

packing for winter weather can be difficult—winter clothing is more bulky, heavier, and more expensive than summer clothing. pretty snow wallpaper. when you pack for travel to moscow in winter, think about what you may pack if you were going to go skiing. you’ll need accessories to cover your extremities, footwear that provides tread and insulates both the soles and the upper part of your foot and leg, and a jacket that breaks the wind and provides protection against the low temperatures of russia in december, january, and february. pretty snow wallpaper. a coat that falls below the hip is recommended. remember that you’ll be out in the weather more than you would be at home, where it may be convenient to go from house to car without being exposed to the elements for too long. when you travel, you’ll do more walking because you’ll likely be taking public transportation and seeing sights along the way.


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