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If you hear the phrase calligraphy, then automatically you will be directly addressed to the Arabic calligraphy. Indeed, calligraphy itself is familiar if juxtaposed with Arabic writing. But actually it is not just a variety of Arabic letters that can be made into calligraphy art, ordinary letters can be created or formed into a series of beautiful letters if using calligraphy techniques. If you are interested in the science of calligraphy, then you need to know in advance about the background of calligraphy and its understanding and history.

In Indonesia alone a lot of Islamic education that gives lessons about the art of calligraphy. To make beautiful and interesting calligraphy, you need to learn every technique. It takes a level of focus, consistent and diligent in learning calligraphy. If you are able to master basic techniques, you will be able to make calligraphy smoothly. Examples such as making modern calligraphy art ideas. Making calligraphy is not just beautiful and also interesting, but the earliest calligraphers in making these artworks make them full of meaning and feeling. In addition, calligraphy writing should also be readable by every connoisseur, so it should not be arbitrary.

Many types of style (style of writing) are used in making calligraphy, such as Khat Kufi which is the oldest type. Khat Thuluth, the most popular type for its beauty. And Khat Nashk's calligraphy, Khat this one is a kind of easy to read. Making this khat is widely used by most people in making Arabic script. Often used especially Muslims and Arabs in various countries. Because the khat its easy to read, in AL Qur'an also khat this type of nashk we often meet. It is also often used for scientific writing. Ibn Muqlah was originally the founder of this kind of khat, in the days of Bani Abbas. And continues until it reaches its peak at the time of Atabek in 545 Hijriyyah.

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