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The Car Buying Calculator is a new auto finance and lease calculator that is accurate enough for sales professionals but simple enough for anyone to use. This app is a complete negotiating tool that can make your job much easier as a salesperson, or save you a lot of time and money as a consumer. Possibly the most accurate app of its kind on the market. It accurately calculates license and registration fees (California tested), taxes, out the door, monthly payments, leases, loan amount from payments, sale price, interest rate, and term of loan. You can also add or subtract for accessories, services, or trade ins. Fast and efficient, structure a purchase or lease payment in less than 10 seconds. Multiple tools for closing deals. Stop low ball offers in their tracks and know what it will take to make the deal.

**** Calculate Payments ****

*Calculate out the door or amount financed

*Calculate finance payments

**** Lease Calculator ****

*Calculate lease payments with down payment plus drive offs or total out of pocket drive off.

**** Sales Tools *****

*Calculate loan amount from payments, interest, and term

*Calculate sale price from amount financed, tax rate, rebates, and down payment

*Calculate interest rate from loan amount, payment, and term

*Calculate term of loan from loan amount, interest rate, and payment

*Automatically calculates registration fees and taxes

*Add or subtract for accessories, services, trade ins, ect...

**** Tools for Closing Deals ****

*Break down offers to find the sale price, interest rate, or term of the loan.

*Reverse calculate deals starting with the payment and interest rate to get the sale price needed.

*Determine what sale price, down payment, or interest rate is needed for a goal payment.

*Show the difference of financing vs. leasing with the calculated comparison in the "Calculate Lease" section.

**** Extra Features ****

*Turn the automatic fees off and enter your own or none at all.

*Pop ups can be turned on to explain the features and functions of the app.

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