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Survival Mobile:10,000 BC

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Download this app named Survival Mobile:10,000 BC.

★★Strategy Mobile Game of Stone Age. Explore the continents with players worldwide!★★
☆Hunt ancient beast, experience the most primitive hunting carnival!
☆Collect resources, train Warriors, explore relics, conquer clans, be the most honored Arch-Chief!
☆Ally, plunder, expand, occupy. Non within the primitive clan can be trusted! Only those who are both brave and resourceful could dominate the continent!
☆ലോകമെമ്പാടുമുള്ള ഒരേയൊരു സെർവറിന്റെ മഹത്തായ ഉദ്ഘാടനം.

★ ★ Classic Features★ ★ 
☆☆Real-time Strategy Assembling☆☆
Organize clan mates, assemble ancient beast, awaken your latent leadership and lead warriors in an expedition towards Arch-Chief.

☆☆HD Unity3D ഗെയിം എഞ്ചിൻ. മികച്ച ഗ്രാഫിക്സ്☆☆
High scale panoramic map zooming. Players can fully visualize each and every aspect within the map.

☆☆Global Server! Players of different nations compete intensively for ancient relics, in pursue of the Arch-Chief’s honor! ☆☆
Arcane ancient relics, treasure of endless wealth. Weather you hail from the great eastern lands or the vast west, join a clan and you’ll be able to experience the most primitive, exciting battles!

☆☆Fierce collision between ancient creatures and primitive warriors. Various dinosaurs, ancient beasts and Warriors are waiting for your commands! ☆☆
✔Barbarians, bearing bloodlust instincts. Who flinches not, even when confronted with Behemoth, is the pride of the clan!
✔Slingers, ingeniously throws stones with a collocation of high damage and dexterity, capable of taking out all obstacles in battles.
✔Dinosaur Riders, mounted with high-speed dinosaur, armed with battleaxe and flocks of arrows, brings only death to its opponent.
✔Ancient Behemoth, from small wild boar, giant mammoth to triceratops and various ancient creatures will blow your imagination!

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The Dinosaur feature is going to be released in the following update.

1. The 3rd week of Anniversary Carnival.
2. Diamonds Rebate Event is available soon.

1. Optimized part of UI, icon design and word description.
2. Optimized the chief character position at chief detail page.
3. Optimized the sound effect of upgrading Tribe Center.

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