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RC Airplane: Toy Air Race

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Download this app named RC Airplane: Toy Air Race.

How long can you fly without crashing?
In this fun RC flight simulator games time-passer you will be flying with various rc airplanes! Can you collect all the rings without crashing against anything? It will be easy in the beginning but it will get harder to accomplish over time! RC flight simulator games were never this much fun to play!

Fly in the living room, bedroom.. Well everywhere in the house!
Get to play 10 fun rc flight simulator games tracks, fun to play while you're waiting or just bored!
Unlock various flying games planes with lots of different colors. Are you the rc flying games pilot we are looking for? Download this fun flight simulator right now!

RC Airplane: Toy Air Race - Games Features:
- Fly your airplane without crashing
- Use tilt control or use buttons
- Unlock lots of airplane vehicles
- Don’t forget to rate and give our flight simulator some feedback


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