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Welcome to the Next level App!! We are here to take your game to the Next Level by providing accurate statistics on your daily individual shooting performance. You will now know exactly where you make and miss your shots. Get ready to learn the spots where your jump shot is most effective. This app has two modes Training mode, and Hot Spot.

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You login your start time, app will charts & record all made, miss, and shooting percentage during workout session. Time will continue to run until you log out. This app will chart & record shot made and missed over an extended period of time. It will also provide a visual graphic of a players shooting performance to show most productive areas on the floor. Finally, this app will hold players accountable at a touch of a button, allowing parents and coaches to monitor their work ethic, and dedication to the game.

Hot Spot Shooting
You have certain amount of time to make as many shots as possible before time expires. This app manage, organize, scores and ranks players accordingly. This game app is designed as entertainment for tournaments during timeouts, and halftimes of games. This app can also be use as a fundraiser for school programs, weekend tournaments, as well as a great activity for birthday parties, and special events.

This APP will take your game to the next level. The key is once you to see where your hot at, it will translate to confidence when you're shooting in a real game situation.


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