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Iceberg Cloud Stitching (ICS) manages and protects your important personal data and prolongs the lifespan of your mobile device by virtually extending its device storage capacity. Talk about true data mobility!

Extend your mobile device storage capacity by leveraging popular cloud services like Google Drive (Pro version only), Microsoft OneDrive (Pro version only), and Dropbox (Lite and Pro versions). ICS seamlessly ‘stitches’ these cloud services together in the background - all for free! Now, you no longer have to worry about the inconvenience of deleting files from your device in order to free up space. Who says you can’t have your files and free space too?

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By virtually connecting to a supported cloud service, ICS intelligently increases the total amount of cloud storage made available to your device. Running out of space for new apps, photos, videos, or music? You can choose which files are managed under ICS control and when they’ll be sent to the cloud.


Send managed files to the cloud either on demand or based on the criteria of your choosing.

Files that have been sent to the cloud are replaced locally with a .iceberg extension to let you know that they’re under ICS control. ICS-managed files consume only a tiny fraction of local device storage - the ‘tip of the iceberg’ as we like to say!

Recovery (Available only in the Pro version)is just a few clicks away with ICS.
What if your device is lost, stolen, or rendered inoperable? Now, your precious photos, videos, music, and other personal data can be automatically recovered from the cloud onto your new or replacement device.
No more tethering your mobile device to your computer for data backup and restore, or file transfers.
Download ICS and stop worrying about how you’ll find that next gigabyte to store your next 4K video recording, RAW photograph snap-a-thon, or must-have productivity app.

Iceberg Cloud Stitching is supported on Kitkat and Lollipop


പതിപ്പ് 1.3.6



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