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സ്വാഗതം HTML Code Play app for learn to code. This is an free programming learning and html offline app used to learn web designing and programming. It is created to teach web development (HTML,CSS,Javascript). It contains features such as HTML Editor and viewer offline, css editor, javascript code editor, bootstrap editor, angular js editor. This app is mainly used to teach how to create website using web developer tools such as html tags and attributes,html css code and css properties, javascript programming, jquery programs,bootstrap,knockout js.

HTML Code Play app focus mainly to teach novice programers,students who need to learn web development. This app can consider as HTML book. It contains HTML and css tutorial with example, javascript programs with output, jquery programs and jquery examples, bootstrap tutorial offline.

Web site making is easy. But many new programmers may find difficult to learn HTML code, tags and css, by learning from other website due to difficult examples. Those web programming tutorial doesn't start with the basic html tags with example to make you understand what the tag really does. But HTML Code Play app is the html learning app that has simple html5 tutorial with examples which contains HTML all tags that explains in simple words how html tags css properties, javascript programming, jQuery programs, knockoutjs, bootstrap are working. This apps biggest feature is learn html offline.

Web site developer must know about HTML, css and javascript. There are many web designing and programming app, but we try to standout of them by knowing who need to learn web designing offline or who need to become a web designer and we created html and css editor so that one could create their own web page.

By using this HTML Code Play web development apps we can learn HTML Basics, HTML tutorial, css tutorial, javascript tutorial, jquery tutorial, learn knockoutjs tutorial.

Features of HTML
html editor for android - It contains editors so that one could enter their own code, execute and see the outputs.
html offline - This app is an html tutorial offline app so that one could learn basic html offline.
html inspector - Similar to the inspect element in the browser one could check and rectify the error easily.
basic of html - It contains tutorials and examples of html tags like html table, input tags and many more.
html browser - The output generated from the tutorials will be same as how it will be in the browsers.
html5 tags - This app also contain html5 compatible tags.

Android app for learn HTML
900+ simple examples 10+ types

Features of CSS
css code viewer - It contains an editor to enter css code and check its output.
css tutorial offline app - It is useful so that one could offline Learn css with editor.
css properties - It used for learning css and to create css html code and website.

This is the HTML learning apps also it is used to learn html tutorial full offline and all html5 tags learn free. App is a very famous html and css coding app.

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