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miniCar RedNose Sky Free

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It is a mini game to play with programming.
It is a mini game to play with algorithm.

In Sky, the car fly freely.
You can repeat the same action a fixed number of times.
Please enjoy the flexibility of the program.

A small red car moves as you programmed.
Can you make the red car "RedNose" goal?
This "Sky" is the second stage. The car runs on the road and fly in the sky.
Please also try it a fixed number of times.

In this stage 2 "Sky"
The sense of direction is taken care of.
Can you correctly judge the direction change to 8 direction?
Can you tell the distance and direction so that the car does not get out of the road?
The car can fly where there are no roads. The car fly to where there is a road.
If you make a mistake in the program, the car behaves erratically, can you find the cause?
Can you solve it by using available tools (enlargement, tracing)?
Can you adapt to the world of distance and direction different from reality?
Can we use the loop well?
Please run 30 maps.

In stage 1 "Road", the car will run on the road. First of all, please try from stage 1.
In stage 3 "Loop", the car goes through the maze by judging the state of the road.

Introduction of available instructions
Instructions that can be used in the 1st stage "Road"
Run on a road
run distance Traveling at a specified distance
run ... Go straight ahead to the end of the road

Change turn direction
turn direction ... Change the direction to the specified direction.
You can specify 8 directions.

stop ... Stop. Determine whether the position is a goal

Instructions to be added in the second stage "Sky"
Fly in the sky
fly distance fly a specified distance
fly go straight and fly to where there are roads

a fixed number of iterations
for times

Instructions added in the third stage "Loop"
Execute when if condition is satisfied
if condition

Execute when if condition is satisfied or when it fails
if condition
processing when condition is met
processing when the condition is not established

Repeat while while condition is satisfied
while condition
processing to repeat when the condition is satisfied

About the name Red Nose
Red beetle, red bee, red ladybug, or rather
Such a name is a small car perfect.
This red car, like a mole,
Push the nose paddle against the road and proceed while exploring the way.
Surely its nose rubbed and it must be red.
That is the impression of the developer.
From here, I named it Red Nose.
The best pose is hanging on the corner of the road when the program fails.

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