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Run this app named Merge Candy or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

10 minutes into this game and you like it.
20 minutes into this game and you are addicted.

Merge & create new candies!

Very easy to learn and super easy to get hooked. Merge candies with one another to upgrade your candies. Unlock new worlds of candies.

Make money to buy new candies and merge them too!

Welcome to the Candy Land!

Run or download Merge Candy using our android online emulator from


Developer: Soft Baked Apps GmbH

Genre: Casual

App version: 1.1.9

App size: 40M

Recent changes: First release, enjoy!


Fun game, but recently the only ads that show are the ones that are not rewards based. Those work fine, but the moment I try to double my score, watch a video to earn or upgrade a candy, or other such rewards, the video starts and then crashes 2 seconds later. Like I said though, the ads I have to watch when switching levels or going to the store? Those work just fine. It has lost me a ton of points. Still no response from the customer service.

I like the game, but it has a couple of glitches that make the game frustrating for me The videos won't finish playing when I try to upgrade and when I try to claim certain achievements, the button doesn't work. So I just keep trying and hope one day they'll work. The glitches seem to be fixed and, for me, that makes the game much better to play.

plenty of ads. I used this with playspot to get a few cents or tenths of a cent. problem is, that's all they give per level, and only for candy land (not for gummy land or cake land). if they gave quite a bit more incentive or I didn't have to do as many merges to get through a level, then it'd be more worthwhile to play and then this app would deserve a higher rating from me.

`Tutorial is broke af. If I close and open enough times I can get past it but who wants to do that for a tap game. It says "tap on the box" but highlights an area 1 cm above it. If I can't play longer then 5 mins without getting annoyed, what's the point`,

This app messes up way too much it keeps on freezing and then whenever it tells you to tap on something in in tutorial, there's nothing there but an empty box that's highlighted and when you tap all on and around it nothing happens."