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Download this app named Memory Run.

Because we know the importance of keeping your brain young and healthy.

Memory run is a brain game made by a teenage couple from Bulgaria, containing 25 small brain games.

Calculation skills make you look smart!- Memory run can help you develop them faster!
Memory skills make you smart! - Memory run has something for you!
Logic skills boost your IQ!- Memory run will blow your mind!
Visual skills let your brain process information fast!- Memory run will make you see orange bears!
Better concentration can always help!- Memory run will make you dizzy! kind of

How high is your IQ?
Is your IQ high enough to beat all the scores in the 30 leaderboards that Memory run provides?
Our IQ wasn't enough to beat our own scores, so we leave that to you.
Hope your IQ is higher!

Good only in logic? Or calculation? Or memory? Or visual memory? Concentration?
No problem, Memory run has all of them at one place!

Want to become the master of your brain? Ask your mom first.
Why not go to school? Boring? Ehh, let Memory run bore you better :)

Are you competitive?
Are you smart enough?
But really smart?
Well... if you're really smart-
Skill & high score. Show them to your friends in the social leaderobards.

Calculate games:
Math sign- Guess the correct sign.
Greater less- is greater or less than the previous number?
Calculus- Calculate the sum, subtraction, division or multiplication.
Find sum- Find the numbers that summed create the big number.
Next number- Guess what is the following number.
Calculate expression- Calculate the complex expression ASAP.

Memory games:
Appearance order- Click the boxes in the order they appear.
Speed match- Is the shape the same or not as the previous?
Match pairs- Find all pairs of shapes in the matrix.
Reversed Words- Write the given characters from back to front.
Numbers order- Click the numbers in the order that they appeared.
Memory matrix- Click the boxes shown before.

Logic games:
Odd word- Find the word that does not fit the others.
Opposite word- Is the pair of words opposite or similar?
Word order- Order the syllables in such order to create the answer.
Towers of Hanoi- Place all the disks on the 3rd stick.
Sort numbers- Sort all the numbers in ascending way.
Lights out- Turn off all the lights.

Visual games:
Mirror- Is the given number mirrored or not?er
99 Slides- Slide in the direction of the arrow if green, opposite of red.
99 Colors- Click all correct colors if green, incorrect if red.
Color order- Click the colors in the order that they appeared.
Shape order- Click the shapes in the order that they appeared.
Most frequent Color- click the color that was seen the most.

Concentration game:
Glide- Runner type game where you have to concentrate keep your life safe.

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