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the name meerkat comes from the afrikaans dutch population of south africa. however, in captivity they can live to be 15 years of age. they will live in the wild up to 10 years. meerkats are a type of mongoose. meerkats are born with hair but not full coats and with their eyes closed. their proper scientific name is suricata suricatta.they were first named in 1776. although they are relatively healthy animals, they are unfortunately prone to bovine tuberculosis and have been known to get rabies. there are three different subspecies of meerkats. the english translation is marsh cat, although meerkats don't live near marshes and they are not cats.

meerkats fur ranges in color from silver to orange to brown. their stomach acts as a sort of solar panel during the winter months. much of this depends on the subspecies as well as the sand color in which they live.even in close proximity in the kalahari you will find meerkats with tanish fur in the dried out riverbeds and orange fur in the dunes above. under a thin layer of stomach hair is a patch of dark skin which collects heat from the winter sun in order to provide warmth on cool days. in the winter they will spread their hair out so to create a heat insulation effect much like a wet suit. their coats have a great ability to act as both an insulation to keep heat in and an exhaust system to prevent them from overheating in the harsh climate.

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