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Mechanical Engineering Calc

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In this app included :
- Tapping Calculator (Tap Travel, Press Stroke, Speed)
- Dividing Indexing Head Calculator
- Rotary Table Calculator
- Taper & Angle Calculator
- PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter) & Coordinate Calculator
- Boring Cutter Calculator
- Eccentric Offset Lathe Turning Calculator
- Stepper Motor calculator (Micro Stepping, Gear Reduction, Leadscrew, Steps/Inch & Resolution (Inches/Step), Pulses/Second & Inches/Second & Stepper RPM, Inches/Minute & Inches/Second & Pulses/Second, Stepper RPM & Inches/Minute & Inches/Second, Distance, Steps, Steps/Millimetre & Resolution (Millimetres/Step), Pulses/Second & Millimetres/Second & Stepper RPM, Millimetres/Minute & Millimetres/Second & Pulses/Second, Stepper RPM & Millimetres/Minute & Millimetres/Second, Rotary Table, Steps/Degree & Resolution (Degrees/Step), Pulses/Second & Degrees/Second & Stepper RPM, Degrees/Minute & Degrees/Second & Pulses/Second, Stepper RPM & Degrees/Minute & Degrees/Second)
- Cone to Sheet Development Calculator
- Turning Calculator (Cutting Time, Power Requirements, Cutting Speed, Spindle Speed, Feed Rate, Theoretical Surface Roughness, Horsepower, Material Removal Rate & Cutting Force)
- Milling Calculator (Metric mm, Imperial inch, Feed Rate Tooth, Table Feed & Max. Chip thickness (R-insert))
- Drilling Calculator (Feed Rate per Revolution, Torque & Thrust)
- Bearing Number Code Name Breakdown
- Involute Calculator (Degrees & Radians)
- Inverse of Involute Calculator
- Gears Design Calculator (Module, Working Pressure Angle, Number of Teeth (Pinion & Gear), Center Distance, Outside & Pitch & Base & Root Diameter (Pinion & Gear), Addendum, Dedendum, Speed Ratio, Coefficient of Profile Shift, Whole Depth
~ Spur Gears Calculator
- Standart Spur Gears
- Teeth Number
- Top Land Thickness
- Positive Shifted Gear (1 & 2)
- Dimensions of a Profile Shifted Spur Gear & a Rack
~ Internal Gears Calculator:
- Profile Shifted Internal Gear & External Gear (1)
- Shifted Internal Gear & External Gear (2)
~ Helical Gears Calculator:
- Profile Shifted Helical in the Normal & Radial System (1 & 2)
- Double Helical Gear of Sunderland Tooth Profile
- Helical Rack in The Normal & Radial System (1 & 2)
- Crossed Helical Gear or Screw Gear Pair on Nonparallel & Nonintersecting Axes in The Normal System
~ Bevel Gears Calculator:
- Straight & Spiral Bevel Gears of The Gleason System
- Standard Straight Bevel Gears
~ Worm Gears Calculator:
- Axial & Normal Module System Worm Gears
- Worm Crowning

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Developer: Ariyant Creative

Recent changes: Tapping Calculator (Tap Travel, Press Stroke, Speed)

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