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Download this app named Mangal Dosha.

** From this version, the app will be fully functional without any limitations and inclusive of all the special features.

Know the "Percentage" of your prosperity and Happiness in your married life, through this APP, checkout the "In-Depth Compatibility" option.

What this App offers and How to go about using the App?

A Bride or a Groom can feed their birth data and check if He/She has 'Chevvai-Dhosham' or Not.
The first step is to check if 'Dosham' is present individually. The next step is, if you have a Horoscope to match with yours, then you can feed that as well and

click the 'Homa Fire' Button to process the compatibility check.

But this doesn't end here, as this Match alone doesn't conclude the 'Complete Marriage Match Making'(i.e, Kundali Match).

For this, as an In-App Product, we have provided 'In-Depth Compatibility Analysis' for both 'The Bride and The Groom's Chart' and also reasoned out the 'Positives and

Negatives' and the 'match result' as a 'BarGraph Chart', that tells you the strength of your chart in 'Percentage' and 'Compatibility Score' for 'Prosperity and

Happiness in Married Life'.

This 'In-Depth Compatibility Analysis' which examines 'Every Possible Dimension' of your Chart related to Married Life, namely:

1) 'Chevvai-Dhosham' Check form 'MOON', 'VENUS' and 'KALATRA KARAGAN' perspective.
2) Strength of 'KALATRA BHAVA' (7th House).
3) Strength of 'The Lord of the 7th' (KALATRA KARAGAN) and other Strengths.
4) Apart from this, the 'CONCLUSION' Page consolidates all the analysis, right from General 'Chevvai Dhosham' check from Lagna to 'In-Depth Analysis' and finally,

includes the result of 'Dasavidham/Nakshatra Porutham' with its total 'score out of 10' Matches.
5) Some remedy options have also been included.


Horoscope Matching is done for the Bride and the Groom before marriage, the main purpose of which is to find if there exists any compatibility between the two.
Astrology and its predictions should always be considered as a guidance and not a decision. Considering this aspect of Astrology, we would like to point out that,

those who have already been married or for those whose marriage has been a 'Love Marriage', then this marriage match making process is 'Useless or Not Needed', as

the basis of married life is to have 'understanding between the couple', which is already there.
We would like to stress for those couples, that there is no need to check or consider this as an option, as it might bring in unnecessary confusions.

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Version 1.3 - From this version, the app is now fully functional with all the special features.
Version 1.2 - Bug fixes.



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