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This app contains daily mamulaat that are very beneficial for every muslim especially for people who are related to any Khanqah or Sheikh.

Here is the list of mamulaat that are included in this app

- Fazail of reciting different surahs after obligatory Salahs
- Sura Yaseen
- Sura Fatah
- Sura Waqia
- Sura Mulk
- Sura Kahf

Durrod o Salam and Manzil:
- 40 Durood o Salam
- Manzil Jadeed (For protection from Sehr and Jinnat)
- Durood Tanjeena

Supplications (Duas)
- Munajaat e Maqbool (7 Manzils with Khutbah)
- Khatm e Khwajgaan
- Supplications after Salah
- Morning & Evening supplications
- Supplications for every step of ablution (wudu)

Seeking Allahs Protection:
- Munjiyaat
- Ayaat e Mastoor (for protection from enemies)
- Dua e Ans
- Dua e Hadsaat (for protection from all sort of accidents)

Zikr & Muraqbaat:
This section includes islahi Zikr and muraqibaat for cleansing and purification of Nafs, Qalb and Aqal.
- Initial Islahi zikr
- Zikr on lataif (sensing points)
- Muraqbaat

- Shajira Iqbalia Shabbiria versified (in persian)
- Shajira Ashrafia Shabbiria versified (in persian)
- Shajrah Sadaat Kaka Khel versified(in pashto)

Sermons (Khutbahs):
- Friday sermon 1
- Friday sermon 2
- Nikah sermon

Miscellaneous Mamulaat:
- Mamulaat e Mubtahi (for mashaikh)
- Optional Salah (nafl)
- Mujadidi and Ashrafi Sulook in Khanqah Rahmkaria Imdadia

This app has been developed under supervision of great saint of this era, Arif Billah Hazrat Syed Shabbir Ahmed Kaka Khel Sahib (Damat Barkatuhum).

Hadhrat Shaykh Shabbir is a renowned Sufi Shaykh who ardently follows the Qur'an & Sunnah and is known for guiding others away from bid'ah and innovations and onto the true path of Tasawwuf, which can only come through total submission to commands of the Beloved, Allah Azza WA Jal

For more information please visit www.tazkia.org

In case of any question, suggestion or issue, please contact us at apps-support@tazkia.org.

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Developer: Khanqah Rahmkaria Imdadia

Genre: Books & Reference

App version: 2.3.5

App size: 17M

Recent changes: - Added note in 40 Durood o Salam
- Added urdu translation for Munjiyaat, Dua e hadsaat and Dua e Ans
- Fixed typos in translation of Munjaat e maqbool


Jazakallah Khair it's the best collection. Pls add some more surahs of panj surah.

Please add Urdu translation for all

Extremely easy to use and user friendly. Alhamdulillah it has made it so much easier than to carry lots of little pocket duas and Manzil.

Very beautiful Application with: Manzil, Morning/Evening Dua's, 40 Salat o Salaam, Munajaat e Maqbool and many more dua's, all compiled in one application.

Sure Sajda Sure Rhman b Hota to mza ajata...'