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Photo Album & Backup Google Drive & Share Wifi - A

ອະລະບ້ຳຮູບ ແລະສຳຮອງຂໍ້ມູນ Google Drive ແລະແບ່ງປັນ Wifi

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Run this app named Photo Album & Backup Google Drive & Share Wifi or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

Running out of device memory due to lots of photos/videos ? hard to find specific event's photos or videos ? Want to access albums on desktop or from other mobile devices using WIFI ? if your answers are yes then this application is for you.

Keep capturing videos and photos using our application and let the application organize it as an album on google drive automatically for you. It never creates an extra copy of photos/videos instead it uses the device own camera application which stores photo/video to your device gallery and simply stores photos/videos information in the application database in an organized (Album) maner.

Simply launch the camera from the album list camera icon or click the album list item to open the menu for selecting different options available for the album.

All photo/video captured from this application will be stored on your device gallery as usual except it will be organized in our application as an album for uploading on google drive, so you always have access to your photos/videos from the device gallery too.
Direct launch camera for specific album so that all your capturing directly goes into your selected album. No need to organize later!
Album access from desktop or other mobile device using Wifi OR WiFi HotSpot
Add existing photos/videos from Device Gallery.
Upload with options "auto upload", "auto upload wifi only" and "manual"
Delete from device gallery right after upload if auto deletion is enabled.
Allow you to create an unlimited number of albums on google drive for example picnic, family, friends etc.
Allow you to create albums from existing device gallery photos/videos.

Run or download Photo Album & Backup Google Drive & Share Wifi using our android online emulator from


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