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ຍົກການປະສົມແຜ່ນ Barbell ນີ້

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Run this app named LiftThis Barbell Plate Combinations or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

Plate Combinations helps you find the bumper plates that you need to build up a barbell. Say you want to do 5 reps at 195 pounds. You're standing in the gym with an empty 45 pound barbell in front of you and a stack of bumper plates on the other side of the gym. Which plates do you go get?

Well, you have to subtract 45 from 195, then divide by 2. And then figure out which set of bumper plates equal that number. WHAT?

That's where plate combos shines. Instead of trying to do math, just select a 45 pound bar, tap in 195 and hit the button. Plate combos shows you all of the bumper plate combinations that make up a 195 pound barbell. Pick the combination with the least number of plates. Then go get those plates. Build up the barbell. Do your reps.

So, why show all of the possible combinations? Because sometimes the giant at the other end of the gym, who is dead lifting 605, has taken all of the 45s. Now you've got to improvise. But, if you've got plate combos, you can just pick a combination that does not include 45 pound plates. Go get those plates.

Easy enough. But what if you need to do a series of reps at multiple weight points? Say: 170, 185, 200, 215. You can tap in all of those weight points all at once. Then hit the compute button. Plate combos will show you the best combo for each of those weight points. If you tap one of the best combos, then plate combos will show you all of the other possible combinations for that weight point.

Better still! What if you need to do a series of reps based on your 1 rep max? Let's say your 1 rep max is 225 pounds and you need to do 3 reps at 75%, 85% and 95% of your 1 rep max. Just tap in: 225 .75 .85 .95 and hit the compute button. Plate combos does the math and shows you the best combo for each of those weight points.

You also get the reverse view with Weight Calculator. Want to know how much a barbell weighs? Just select the bar weight and tap the plates you see. Voila.

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