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No free storage?
Your phone is lagging?
Lots of unused junk files?

Speed Cleaner helps clean junk files, free up memory and storage space, and keep your battery healthier. This free junk cleaner removes varieties of cache files (system cache, image cache, video cache, music cache and ads cache) as well as freeing up RAM.

How Does Speed Cleaner Help Your Phone Perform Well?

★Speed Booster:
Improve your Android phone speed by closing background processes and freeing up RAM (memory).

★Junk File Cleaner & Cache Cleaner:
Enhance your Android phone performance by cleaning useless Android system files, app caches, residual files etc.

★Battery saver:
Help your phone in healthy status.

★App Manage
Make it easier to manage your apps. App Manage can help you find rarely used apps, make backups and uninstall unnecessary apps to save more space.


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