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Living Pokedex Tracker

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Run this app named Living Pokedex Tracker or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

This app helps you track your progress into a living pokedex.

You can filter using differents regions (Alola, Kantos, etc.).

You can also track which specifications are important for your collections such as :

- Shiny
- Pokeball
- Language

And filter using these options.

A search filter is available to filter Pokemon with their names.

You can also change the name of the Pokemon to French, Spanish, German and Japanese.

If you're like me, and want a living pokedex with normal pokeball, in your language, it will help you achieve that.

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Run or download Living Pokedex Tracker using our android online emulator from ApkOnline.net


Developer: Mathieu Robichaud

Genre: Entertainment

App version: 1.0.7

App size: 1.6M

Recent changes: Added Meltan.
Added the Lucky filter


It's not bad. It works how I'd like for the most part. But I wish it would let me select multiple Pokemon to add values to at once. Having to go into a menu for every single one is annoying. Plus I don't get what some of the values are for. Gender is set to yes or no...shouldn't there be a separate selection for male and female? Perhaps customise them for the Pokemon since some have only one gender or none. Also, I wish I could turn on and off certain generations of Pokemon. If I'm only using certain ones why can't I turn others off in the full list? And I never use language or IV, so I'd like the option to disable them.

Still the best pokedex app out there for tracking your living dex. 4 stars simply because it is still missing gen 8. Along with datadex I cannot find any app as thorough as this one, however with gen 8 being out as long as it has it begs the question -- has this project been abandoned?

`It would be helpful to also have an option to hide Pokémon that we don't have marked "Own" so that only owned Pokémon appear, and to also have type searches available.`,

Great App, I'm using it to keep track of my Let's Go journey, but I wish it told us where we can find the pokemon we're hunting, but I guess we can find out with a quick Google search, but other than that, this is a Great app!

it's not bad but when i tapped on a specific generation like hoenn not every pokemon in the hoenn dex was there like abra, if this is a living dex it should be organized by the REGION'S pokedex. also having specific generation national dex like gen 3 national dex(bulbasaur to deoxys) would be very helpful"