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Learning with Flashcards

Glenn Doman offers a universal recipe for teaching very young children using flashcards. The method taps into the enormous potential of a very young child by encouraging you to begin as early as possible.

The Domans method is based around the following core beliefs:

Every child has genius potential.
Every child born has, at the moment of birth, a greater potential intelligence than Leonardo da Vinci ever used.

Stimulation is the key to unlocking a childs potential.
Brain growth and development are a single dynamic process which can be stopped (as it is by profound brain injury), slowed (as it is by moderate brain injury), but most
significantly, this is a process which can be speeded.

Teaching should commence at birth.
The first year of life is a critical time when the brain is growing explosively. The brain literally grows by use and if we use it, were going to grow it. And if you dont use it, especially in the first 12 months, then you literally will lose brain cells.

The younger the child, the easier the learning process.
Before the age of five a child can easily absorb tremendous amounts of information. If the child is younger than four it will be easier and more effective, before three even easier and much more effective, and before two the easiest and most effective of all.

Children naturally love to learn.
Kids would rather learn than eat; kids would rather learn than play. In fact, kids think learning is play.

Parents are their childs best teacher.
In your worst minute of your worst day with your child, you will be your childs best teacher better than anyone in the whole world. On an average day or the best moment of your best day, you are absolutely spectacular because you know your child better than anyone else.

Teaching and learning should be joyous.
Parents deserve to experience the joy that comes from teaching their baby, and babies have a right to appreciate the joy of learning with their parents.

Teaching and learning should never involve testing.
One of the beauties of teaching a tiny child is that the process of teaching is a pure process of giving information without asking for it back again.

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