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A compiler translates the code written in one language to some other language without changing the meaning of the program. It is also expected that a compiler should make the target code efficient and optimized in terms of time and space.

Compiler design principles provide an in-depth view of translation and optimization process. Compiler design covers basic translation mechanism and error detection & recovery. It includes lexical, syntax, and semantic analysis as front end, and code generation and optimization as back-end.

Some of the topics Covered in the app are:

1. Software Pipelining of Loops
2. Introduction to Software Pipelining of Loops
3. Introduction to Compiler
4. Interpreters
5. The Structure of a Compiler
6. Intermediate Code Generation
7. Building a Compiler
8. Semantic Analysis
9. Applications of Compiler
10. Optimizations for Computer Architectures
11. Design of New Computer Architectures
12. Program Translations
13. Software Productivity Tools
14. Programming Language Basics
15. Minimisation of DFAs
16. Explicit Access Control
17. Parameter Passing Mechanisms
18. Introduction to Syntax analysis
19. Context-free grammars
20. Writing context free grammars
21. Derivation
22. Syntax trees and ambiguity
23. Operator precedence
24. Writing ambiguous expression grammars
25. Other sources of ambiguity
26. Syntax analysis and Predictive parsing
27. Nullable and FIRST
28. Predictive parsing revisited
30. LL(1) parsing
31. Methods for rewriting grammars for LL(1) parsing
32. SLR parsing
33. Constructions of SLR parse tables
34. Conflicts in SLR parse-tables
35. Using precedence rules in LR parse tables
36. Using LR-parser generators
37. Properties of context-free languages
38. Introduction to Lexical Analysis
39. Regular expressions
40. Short hands
41. Nondeterministic finite automata
42. Converting a regular expression to an NFA
43. Deterministic finite automata
44. Converting an NFA to a DFA
45. The subset construction
46. Dead states
47. Lexers and lexer generators
48. Splitting the input stream
49. Lexical errors
50. Properties of regular languages
51. Limits to expressive power
52. The Role of the Lexical Analyzer
53. Input Buffering
54. Specification of Tokens
55. Operations on Languages
56. Regular Definitions and Extensions
57. Recognition of Tokens
58. The Lexical-Analyzer Generator Lex
59. Finite Automata
60. Construction of an NFA from a Regular Expression
61. Efficiency of String-Processing Algorithms
62. The Structure of the Generated Analyzer
63. Optimization of DFA-Based Pattern Matchers
64. Introduction to Syntax-Directed Translator
65. Evaluating an SDD at the Nodes of a Parse Tree
66. Evaluation Orders for SDD\s
67. Ordering the Evaluation of Attributes
68. A larger example of calculating FIRST and FOLLOW
69. Syntax Definition

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