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Latter-day Saint Games and Puzzles

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Games and Puzzles related to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Often informally known as the LDS Church or Mormon Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the restoration of the Church established by Jesus Christ and his apostles during their early ministry.

Games include Word Search, Pioneer Quest (trivia), Photo Puzzle, Gospel Crossword, Letter Scramble, Scripture Books and Jigsaws.

The Word Search Puzzle let's you choose from multiple size boards from simple to challenging puzzles. Find the words listed on the side in the letter grid in the middle. Intersecting words are hidden forwards, backwards, up, down and diagonally. When you have found all the words you have solved the puzzle!

Pioneer Quest is a trivia game with church related questions. See how many questions you can correctly answer to reach the Salt Lake Valley.

Photo Puzzle is a tile puzzle similar to a jigsaw puzzle but with square pieces. A picture is broken into squares that are then jumbled. Select two squares to switch their positions. Continue until the puzzle is solved. Points are scored for the number of pieces moved to their correct position. Puzzles with more pieces are easier but you cannot score as many points.

Gospel Crossword: Using the clues given, fill in the squares in the crossword with church related words to complete each puzzle. To receive hints, you can tap the clue to reveal letters or lookup the clue. The goal of the puzzle is to fill in each white square with a letter to complete words. Clues are given for the words which fill in the boxes. Words appear horizontally (left to right) or vertically (top to bottom) in the puzzle.

Letter Scramble: Drag the scrambled letters onto the blanks to reveal a gospel related name or phrase.

Scripture Books: Can you correctly select the standard work which each book of scripture belongs to?

Jigsaws: Jigsaw puzzles of temples.

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Developer: Digital Fun Media

Genre: Puzzle

App version: 2.7.10

App size: 20M


I enjoy seeing the temples but wish the names were written down so you could learn the different temples as we go through the gameI love the newer temples in the game. I also like that they loose the line so they are like the photos

It is nice to have a game that keeps me focused on what is important, even while giving me something to fill my time waiting for kids, appointments, etc. One thing that bothers my autistic brain is that the letter scramble says "Gospel Topics" when some of them are Church culture. Nothing wrong with that, and I enjoy it anyway, the semantics just bothers me.

Love it. However I wish the pictures would change more often and not have duplicates. Thank you.

I enjoy doing these puzzles they keep me thinking. It's fun and keeps me entertained. Thank you for getting new puzzles

It's been fun seeing what I do know and surprising what I don't recall. You'll enjoy relaxed uninterrupted play. Simple fun."