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Help Koala in this smash-all Rampage-style arcade game, knock down buildings around the world, and avenge the destruction of your home!

The last of the eucalyptus trees has been cut down in Australia, depriving the poor Koala of its natural habitat: get revenge against humans, destroy everything that crosses your path, and plant new trees!

● Cross 5 continents and 20 cities: Melbourne, Rio De Janeiro, New York, Rome... the most beautiful scenery in the world will be the backdrop of your journey of revenge!
● Demolish as much as you can... as fast as you can!
● Climb up buildings and smash all the windows on your way up, until the buildings completely collapse and leave space for new trees
● Defend yourself from human attacks: armed forces will try to shoot you, planes from the sky will drop powerful sleeping agents, people in their homes will do anything to stop you, countless obstacles will jump at you from the sidewalks... a Koala's life isn't so easy!
● Recharge with eucalyptus candy and fruit, but beware: not everything that looks appetizing will be helpful for accomplishing your mission!
● Use weapons to fight humans and destroy cities
● Rampage-style arcade game
● Challenge your friends in the point-based standings: who will be the world's angriest Koala?


We have improved the overall performance of the game and fixed some bugs.

The revenge continues...



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