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Run this app named Brainess: Human Benchmark or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

People often will degrade their IQ and brain capabilities over time because of aging or wasting time on social media. If you don't want to be a vegetable at old age it's important to conduct brain tests, IQ tests and keep track of your reaction times and memory.

Brianess is a simple game where you benchmark yourself for reaction time (reflexes), visual, and number memory. You can compare your score on the leaderboard to determine who has the best memory and reaction speed. It also gives you charts to track your everyday progress and helps you to improve your reaction, memory, and maybe IQ test score too.

Brain tests divide into 2 categories reflex games and memory games.
Reflex games are designed to test your reaction speed. It has 2 reflex games:
\t- Reaction time: Where you have to tap as soon as the red screen turns green
\t- Aim speed: Targets will spawn at random places and you have to tap each of them as quickly as you can
Memory games are designed to test your memory. These memory games not only test your pure number memory but also tests your visual memories. It has 3 memory games:
\t- Chimp test: You will be shown and then hidden random squares with numbers, and the task is to select each square's increasing order. This test has been conducted on chimps and on average they score 9. Can you beat them?
\t- Visual memory: You will be shown a grid of squares, and some will be marked. The task is to memories them and taps all of them.
\t- Number memory: You have to memorize shown numbers, it will increase the difficulty as you progress.

Over all Human benchmark has 5 brain tests:
\t- Reaction time
\t- Chimp test
\t- Visual memory
\t- Number memory
\t- Aim speed

Don't be a vegetable and keep your brain healthy and active.

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