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Run this app named Phnom Penh Travel & Explore, Offline City Guide or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

Are you a wanderer who is planning to Travel to Phnom Penh or an escapist who wants to pay a virtual tour on maps? Interested in its people, culture, art, history, cuisine, flora and fauna? Want to get complete Guide for the exquisite places of Phnom Penh like Phnom Chisor Temple, Wat Langka, Statue of King Father Norodom Sihanouk, Cambodia-Vietnam Friendship Monument, Din Art Gallery, Tsubasa Bridge, Al-Serkal Mosque, Royal Railway Station Phnom Penh, Bassac Lane, Vattanac Capital Tower. Want to speak like a native in Khmer or plan your route on the map? If yes, then this Phnom Penh Travel & Explore app is just for you!

All features and images in Phnom Penh City Guide are available offline. This Phnom Penh Travel App is for the globetrotters who go by the quote, All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware. With Phnom Penh Tourist Guide, Unveil the Veiled places, Connect with plethora of people, understand culture, art and history, Speak with natives in their language, relish the authentic food and take delight in the festivities.

Apart from this, Phnom Penh Travel & Explore guides you Why, When and How to visit various places in Phnom Penh with precise location on the detailed Map. There are two ways to explore this app - Category view and EduBank favorite places view. Pin your destinations and get the routes on the Map. Not only this, you can see exactly how the places look like with Street View integrated in this app. The app also has a feature to Rate and write Review/Experience regarding entity(s) through Login. Your Travel experience and rating will help the user community.

Phnom Penh Travel Guide is divided into the following categories:-

*예술 및 역사 애호가
* 카니발 및 축제
*자연 유목민
* 영적 성역
*야생동물 방랑
*연예인 셀
*비즈니스 대로
*교통 허브
*지역 및 사회 전망
*링고 센스
* 교육적 우수성

Main Features of Phnom Penh City Guide are:-

* Phnom Penh Travel Guide works offline. No internet connection needed to Explore!
* 경로는 목적지까지 데려다 줄 뿐만 아니라 다른 매혹적인 장소도 보여줍니다.
* 주요 어트랙션은 별도 섹션!
* 번거롭지 않은 여행을 위해 항공, 도로, 철도 및 수로에 대해 알려줍니다.
* 야생 동물 방황을 통해 로브!
* 맛뿐만 아니라 군침 도는 진미 요리를 배우십시오.
* 실시간 뉴스로 업데이트하세요!
* EduBank는 좋아하는 모든 엔티티를 저장하기 위해 여기에 있습니다!
* 기본 크메르어 구문을 배울 수 있는 숙어집.
* 팩트파일 팝업으로 팩트를 알아보세요!
* 자신의 언어로 도시에서 의사 소통하십시오!

Phnom Penh Travel & Explore is all that you need to Travel in Phnom Penh. The virtual trip is so mesmerizing that you will go for the real one!

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