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Kids Song and Story 4 (Free Version) Download

Free download Kids Song and Story 4 (Free Version) APK

Kids Song and Story 4 (Free Version)

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Download this app named Kids Song and Story 4 (Free Version).

Indoor or outdoor at everywhere!
At anywhere children’s concentration is required as well as public places such as bus and subway!

Enjoy 20 of Well-known children’s songs, 20 of Modern children's songs along with the new and cuter characters
And in addition to it, 20 of new English children’s books!

Play and dance with your children by listening the English songs and watching 3D characters.

You can enjoy all content for 100% free. (It may include some advertisements)

Content List

Level 1
Hello/Greeting – Mr. Sun / Good Morning, Sun
Toy - Here Is a Ball for Baby / My Toys
Family - Grandma's Glasses / My Family
Animals - The Animals Went in Two by Two / The Animal Band
Playing in the Water - Five Little Ducks / Playing in the Water

Level 2
Habit - Wash Your Hands / Go to the Toilet!
Seasons - The Seasons / It’s Fun
Marriage - You Are My Sunshine / Marry Me
Market - To Market, To Market / Go to the Market
Color - I Can Sing a Rainbow / Let's Play with Colors!

Level 3
Classroom - The More We Get Together / Wake Up, Bobby Bear!
Weather - If All the Little Raindrops / The Magic Garden
House - The House that Jack Built / My house Is the Best
Position - Go In and Out the Window / Catch Me!
Health - Brush Your Teeth / If You Don't Wash

Level 4
Our kindergarten - One Elephant Went out to Play / Let's Play Together
Nature - I Love the Mountain / I Want to Travel
Our Hometown - My Town / My Town / Five Currant Buns
Economy -The Grocer's Shop / Pocket Money
Sea - I Love You Dolphin / What Can You See?

Kid's Song and Story 4
The Seasons / It’s Fun
You Are My Sunshine / Marry Me




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